Friday, August 18, 2006

UP CHUCK Charles 8/11/06

Today was a rather odd day. A former coworker was arrested on the charges of strangulation of a woman in Victoria. He made the front page.

After work, Sunny and I drove to Austin. We stayed with Ken. The Houston crew wanted to go bowling after dinner. So we went to Highland Lanes. I did terrible as usual. THEN CHARELS threw up a little on Tammi.

There may be many different interpretations...Here's mine called...Through the eyes from yet another VICTIM:

Charles and I were talking about this pair of shorts Sunny accidently took back with him to PL. I thought it might have been his. When all of a sudden Charles turned towards Tammi and burped real loud. He turned back to me and started talking to me like nothing happened, but I smelled something that reaked on his breath. I asked him what he brought back with him. I held my breath and pinched my nose. It was THAT bad. I was just about to offer him some gum when Tammi discovered that there was a little bit of vomit on the sleeve of her tshirt. Apparently, Charles had up chucked throw up along with his burp. How was I a victim along w/ Tammi? I had to smell his reaking vomit BREATH!!!

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