Wednesday, April 04, 2007


So, thanks to Homedepot's inferior customer and delivery service, we had to move our refridgerator into our house...manually. So, a few good men enlisted to do the job. They were: JASON, KEN, HARBERT, SUNNY, and CARY. The ones that showed up on time to move the fridge were...Sunny, Harbert, and Cary.

It was hard work. We had to take off the fridge doors in order to fit it through the front door. We didn't have a dolly that could support the weight of the fridge. So, we left it on a piece of cardboard and slid it to the front door from the garage. Then ramped it up to the door. THEN slid it into the kitchen. Cary got stuck in the mud on the side of the sidewalk a few times. His slippers were sacrificed. ALL IN ALL IT WAS JUST PLAIN HARD.

AFTER DOING ALL THAT... we realized that...the fridge had wheels. ALSO. That was when Jason and Ken walked in and asked "Do u guys need help?"