Monday, January 05, 2009

Introducing Double Chen

His uncle Ken took pictures of him while he was exercising with his dad.

Sad Beginning: Double Chen was found under Matt Brittain's truck in Victoria Texas. Matt and his family took him in for two weeks and did all they could to locate his previous owner. They were not able to locate them.

Thumbs Up from Sunny: Sunny loves all animals...even evil cat Kiki Chen.

Thumbs Up from Helen: I wasn't sure that I wanted a dog at first since ... they are like kids... you have to feed him and stuff. I was "persuaded" into a try-out for a weekend. After getting to know the little fellow better, Sunny and I decided to adopt him. He's already been house-trained and doesn't make much noise...a great lap dog.

About Double: He loves falling asleep in our laps watching TV. His favorite food is Pirate's Booty (aged white cheddar corn puffs) and HEB rotisserie (the original) chicken. His favorite shirt is his Burberry polo a Christmas present from his parents. His BFF is Brady, doggy son of Vanhdy and Jenny. His pet peeves are...unmanned children at Christmas parties that scream bloody murder all throughout dinner while their parents listen..(oh wait that's MINE).

Tricks: sit, fetch, stand, shake, lay down
Tricks we are working on: nipping unmanned naughty little children's heels and roll over

Expectations from his Parents:
Sunny: just be happy, pee and poo at the right times
Helen: be the smartest dog alive