Tuesday, December 19, 2006

How Not to get PROMOTED in ONE NIGHT

Last Thursday, December 14th, was our departmental holiday party at the Tropics, a local seafood restaurant. Jason was Sunny's +1, and Cary was mine. Now, my boss bought a shot for me before dinner. He was looking red so WE offered him a ride home. I was like YES...+1 pt for me.

The next day... I was told that I forgot about him...and he didn't have a ride home. I mean...I didn't even remember the next day. I walked in the lab. Jeff looked at me and started laughing. I said, "why are you so happy? still drunk?" He said, "no but you are probably in trouble. mwhahahhaha" Jeff=evil I mean my boss had to call his wife to come pick him up.

I'm so sorry HongLan. Sunny, Jason, and Cary...man WHAT Happened? Why didn ya'll say something yo?

Friday, December 08, 2006


The evil WII sports is very addicting. BEWARE gamers. I am hurting everywhere from playing tennis, boxing, and bowling. It is not a good idea to play 5 hours straight. BEWARES....arg.