Tuesday, October 12, 2004


I guess my old blog company just died. Actually they are still there but i guess they ran out of money and now require you to pay $35. So screw that!

Go astros! They make me happy unlike the longhorn athletics. Hopefully they can continue to the world series although the cardinals are a pretty good team and our starting pitching rotation is all wacked up. If they do lose at least baskeball season is fixing to start, wonder how the rockets are going to do this year with the new players and all. Go Yao? or is the Go T-mac now?

The rice paddies coed flag football team is kicking some ass! They have a 3-0 record in division A! Blowing out and shutting out opponents left and right. This year might be the year!

Anyways this will be the new location for my blog.

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quad4x said...

looks like a pretty good team indeed, but man game 1 was too close for comfort

after nam's head got busted open the D looked a little weak

last play, other teams like 40 yards away, and if you learn anything from watching primetime, you gotta knock down the ball, they let the other team's guy catch it on the one yard line (he got behind them), but he had to try so hard to catch the ball he fell down...on the 1