Tuesday, September 25, 2007

One Fine Saturday Afternoon...

Jason and Ken came down to visit this weekend. We always eat at El Patio. This Sunday was not unlike the others..... Until we started talking about mixed people. Then I had to share some insight..."Zac Morris from Save by the Bell is mixed with Dutch and Indonesian!"

Jason: You are so stupid. He has blonde hair and blue eyes. He got all recessive traits...I don't think so.
Helen: He could have dyed his hair and put on blue contacts. DUH
Ken: WHATEVER, even if the website says Indonesian, we have to look up whether it's "Indonesian Dutch...like u know when the Dutch ppl took over Indonesia.."
Helen: Hey guys, why all the hating? (calm and collected) I saw it on www.mixedfolks.com
Ken: Let's look it up when we get back to ur place.
Helen: Fine, but lets call Katherine. She's mixed, surely she can tell who is mixed and who isn't. Plus she found the website.

Katherine: OF COURSE He's MIXED!

Of course, we look up www.mixedfolks.com to find that ZAC Morris, IS MIXED! Boo YAH.

Productive Afternoon.


Jason Wu said...

your version of the story appears to be biased

Helen Chen said...

i want to see your "www.mixedtaiwanese.com"

Anonymous said...

i always know a mixed person from a nonmixed person :)

Anonymous said...

please update. this post reminds me of sat. night when i'm trying to edit the pictures and everyone screaming and yelling about zac morris.